Ay no mames

 My name is Stephanie Corrales welcome to Ay no mames. I grew up hearing stories about my mother and other women in my family retelling personal and family stories about encounters with el diablo, duendes, and ghosts. The goal of this podcast is to give women agency and a voice in a place where they feel unwelcomed through the power of storytelling. Through this podcast, I want to show that storytelling does not have to be exploitative and that Latinx women are complex humans with interests and should be able to explore them. Each week I will be having different women from my family retelling their supernatural stories.

The knocking on the door

For the first episode, we had my mom tell my friends her supernatural stories. In the episode, she talks about her encounter with El diablo and more. I made the executive decision to not translate what is in Spanish to English as an anthropological refusal as my target audience are other Latinx people who grew up hearing scary stories from their elders. Being Mexican American, I want Spanglish to be apparent and represented as that is how I function in this society. Lastly, it is important for the women in this podcast to tell the stories they want to tell, on their terms and have the last say on what stories are published.