I’ve always been a bit in love with houses, architecture, and anything with some mystery or history behind it. I love traveling whether that’s to another country, state, or just a 20-minute drive away. A part of my love for travel is immersing myself in a new space, seeing the ways that physical communities are constructed, and admiring the houses that I see along the way. Some of my favorite styles are Victorian houses and pretty much all of the New York-style brownstones. 

I approached this project looking to choose a building on or around Wesleyan’s campus and research its social history to create an ethnography of sorts. But I realized that the building I have the most access to is my own senior wood frame house. So by recording and filming moments and corners in the home and how its occupants use and have used the space, I hope to capture the charm and comfort that I see in it and that it has provided for my housemates and generations of seniors before us.

kitchen soundscape
conversation with Madeleine