Since I was a young child, I have always loved the moments I spent with my friends. Whether it was an afternoon playing in the park, or making art in my bedroom at home, I would always hope that our time together would never end. As I grow older, this sentiment still rings true. However, now I have the power to decide who I hang out with and when. This has encouraged me to engage in strong friendships and good conversation, all of which can be so restorative in some of my most trying times. It am grateful to be able to trust the people I surround myself with, and open up about personal information regarding me, my family, and my history. 

For my final project, I wanted to explore the ways in which femme-identifying people share information with each other. Whether this is through gossip, giving each other advice, or unpacking our childhood memories, femme-identifying people have been reliant on one another for centuries. I decided to make a video compilation of some various conversations between the people in my life, with only some parts of the audio included. I thought that some degree of secrecy should be kept, thus resulting in overlaying a song (Que Será by Willie Colón) over the rest of the videos. I also thought it would be interesting to focus on the gestures that my participants used while they were speaking, to shed light on other aspects of conversation that are equally as important as our words.

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you so much for watching!